Mjoli Connect is a business consulting and communication firm offering businesses customized consulting services to organizations of all nature and size. We provide End-to-End solutions that form the basic building blocks for any entity.

Mjoli Connect help to empower people and businesses alike on a global basis, through the provision of optimally tailored operations that are targeted to business excellence.

We provide one of the most comprehensive suites of consulting services in the fields of Strategy Facilitation & Concept Development, Project Activation & Management, Targeted Enterprises Solutions, Access Management and CSI Management to the organisations across all the industry verticals for building a progressive and profitable organisation by creating a sustainable competitive advantage in the market.

Our Services

Strategy Facilitation & Concept Development & Access to Market

Through our expertise, we have built a comprehensive consultancy which can aid your business to become more effective and prove your impact. Our accomplished team of facilitators is able to guide teams through a journey of strategic thinking, enabling the design and development of a winning strategy that is both competitive and achievable.

We help organizations develop their identity, working closely with all relevant personnel to understand the business drivers and vision and how this needs to be reflected in the business profile. We work collaboratively with key stakeholders to understand their business and technology challanges.

Community Engagement, Public Awareness Campaigns, Communication Strategies and Stakeholder & Crisis Management

At Mjoli Connect we understand what matters the most as organisations require a powerful campaign idea regardless of which agency came with it. Our approach and outlook help to create powerful public awareness campaigns which lead to successful stakeholder engagement processes across all avenues and within earned, paid and owned media channels.

Mjoli Connect works with organisations to prepare for potential issues and crises, providing guidance for an immediate strategic response with our experience in navigating challenging situations delivering crisis management across traditional and social media channels, internal communications and external.

Project Activation & Events Management and CSI Management

Mjoli Connect executes end-to-end project activation and management solutions that include highly complex national and international projects in both formal and informal sectors to ensure your organisation achieves its objectives with excellence. We develop and implement events that bring organisation with the public and media to create an unforgettable experience with the way we captivate moments that create memorable experiences and connection.

We create a network of sharing among practitioners to drive CSI measuring, reporting and benchmarking.

We build extensive partnerships and creative flagship projects through a network of sharing among practitioners linking CSI initiatives with corporate initiatives so that they can be visible at grassroots level with a CSI strategic business imperative and we measure, benchmark and report each CSI initiative promoting independence and sustainable project growth. We encourage high involvement of employees and volunteering programmes.

Targeted Enterprises Solutions

With our Targeted Enterprises Solutions and Monitoring we help corporates by taking over the role of SMME management to manage and monitor the growth of SMME’s in projects from procurement stages to appointment and execution.

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